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How to Develop a Skincare Routine

After suffering with acne throughout my teenage years. I was determined to figure out how to care for my skin. I started to get more serious about my skincare and sought to educate myself on products, ingredients and techniques to achieve the clear skin I wanted. While everyone’s skin is unique. Here are a few tips for creating a skincare routine that works for you. 1.Get to Know Your Skin Because I experienced acne I was very conscious of my skin and how it behaved. This is not true of everyone. I knew when breakouts were coming, but not what to do to prevent them. I noticed that parts of my skin were oily especially in my forehead and nose...

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Girl, Wash Your Face!

55% of people do not wash their face daily. Seriously, I am not making this up. In fact, a strong majority of people admit to having little to no knowledge about how to properly care for their skin. Why is this? While most believe that washing their face is important, very few know exactly how to do it or where to get started. Is this you? Because this was so me as a teenager. I began experiencing acne in middle school and all I knew to do then was hide. When I couldn’t cover up my pimples, I then tried to get rid of any means necessary. This led to blemishes that I struggled in my adulthood to fix....

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