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3 Ways Skin Care Improves Your Mental Health

For years we've been telling folks that focusing on your skincare will improve your entire life. Well now, we have the research to prove it. Here are three ways skincare can improve your mental health.

1. A Skincare Routine Provides Stability

In a recent study published in the Lancet Psychiatry researches found that people with a less than consistent routine suffered from major depression, mood problems and were considered less happy. Humans needs stable, consistent and predictable routines in order to feel safe and well. Routines make us feel good and in control.


2. Pampering Your Skin Boosts Your Mood

If you've ever had a facial then you know how much time and care an esthetician spends on your face. And when you get up from that table you feel relaxed, refreshed and renewed. What you've experienced are the release of happiness chemicals and yes, you can experience this at home. Looking forward to "me time" promotes seratonin and you calms you down to reduce stress and anxiety.

3. A Skincare Practice Strengthens Your Self Worth

Sometimes customers will tell me that committing to a skincare routine feels like more work. As a single mom, I totally get that but I promise the benefits are worth it. When you consistently give time and attention to your needs you automatically set a standard for how you like to be cared for and that sets a boundary for anyone who does not align with that standard. It's essentially how you level up.


Start your self care routine today!