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Girl, Wash Your Face!

55% of people do not wash their face daily. Seriously, I am not making this up. In fact, a strong majority of people admit to having little to no knowledge about how to properly care for their skin. Why is this?

While most believe that washing their face is important, very few know exactly how to do it or where to get started. Is this you? Because this was so me as a teenager. I began experiencing acne in middle school and all I knew to do then was hide. When I couldn’t cover up my pimples, I then tried to get rid of any means necessary. This led to blemishes that I struggled in my adulthood to fix. Still with me?

I would wash my face with whatever we had in the home which meant Dial, Ivory or Dove soap. And as a moisturizer….lotion or cocoa butter. For someone with oily skin, this proved to be the opposite of what I needed. 

Here’s the truth: most people don’t wash their face correctly or long enough. Most commonly we hear the “just water method” which does nothing to cleanse the face and often dehydrates the skin. We’ve also heard “I wash my face in the shower”. While this is fine, it is often done quickly in the matter of 20 seconds or less.

Washing your face with a cleanser is important because just like bathing, the dirt and buildup on your skin needs to attach to something in order to be removed. Unfortunately, water is not that vehicle but soap is. We recommend our bar soap for the face because unlike the bar soaps I used as a kid, our soaps will not strip your skin of its natural oil but rather, adds moisture to the skin. Both our African Black Soap and Black Soap are uniquely designed for sensitive skin which prevents breakouts and inflammation.

The amount of time you wash your face matters. We recommend 60-90 seconds of working products into the skin so that the ingredients have an opportunity to work its magic. The massaging also helps boost collagen production which aids in preventing wrinkles. 

Three Step Method:

  1. Wet hands and bar soap. Run soap into both hands until you notice a rich, foamy lather. 
  2. Release soap.
  3. Apply both hands to the face and begin rubbing in upward circular motions. Add water to keep suds foaming.
  4. Continue step 3 and cleansing the entire face for 60-90seconds.

Need to see how it is done? Get unready with me here