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How to Develop a Skincare Routine

After suffering with acne throughout my teenage years. I was determined to figure out how to care for my skin. I started to get more serious about my skincare and sought to educate myself on products, ingredients and techniques to achieve the clear skin I wanted. While everyone’s skin is unique. Here are a few tips for creating a skincare routine that works for you.

1.Get to Know Your Skin

Because I experienced acne I was very conscious of my skin and how it behaved. This is not true of everyone. I knew when breakouts were coming, but not what to do to prevent them. I noticed that parts of my skin were oily especially in my forehead and nose area (T-zone) but not others (cheeks and chin).I also noticed that my skin became more dry during winter months and excessively oily in Spring and Summer. Knowing my skin helped me identify the right products and treatment for my skin. 

2. Focus on Ingredients

Once I knew my skin type and how my skin behaved I immediately started looking for products. Have you read a product label lately? #confusing For me, brands did not provide any secret sauce or even natural ingredients that i knew for sure wouldn’t harm my skin. The skincare industry is a bit different now but be careful. When reading a label look for ingredients that your skin will love. 

3. Keep it Simple

Trying to clear my skin I became quite the product junkie. I had about 6 different cleansers that I liked for different reasons and sometimes I’d use cleanser X and sometimes Cleanser Z and what I was really doing was slowing my progress. You don’t need 12 products to get clear skin, you need the right products for your skin. Keep it simple. Less is more.

4. Watch what you eat

When researching I discovered that food played a huge role in my skin health. In particular, dairy and processed foods caused me to breakout more. Removing dairy from my diet and limiting the amount of sugar and processed foods helped my skin stay clear. Also, drinking water, green tea and lots of fruits and vegetables helped my skin maintain hydration. 

5. Be disciplined about your routine

If you want to see results, you’ve got to do it everyday. Simple as that. This means day and night, even on vacation.


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