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The Luxe Collection

Now that you've got your basic skincare routine down INDULGE! These targeted treatments will elevate your skincare regimen while having your skin at its best


Youthful Glow Serum: Perfect for addressing fine lines and wrinkles

Vitamin C serum: tackles hyperpigmentation, dark spots and dull skin

Cool water: reduce inflammation, puffiness and under eye dark spots

 Skin gloss: get rid of dead skin while activating collagen production


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Who said everyday can't be luxurious?

Well they were wrong!
Indulge in a relaxing, therapeutic and recharging at home spa day, date night or girl's night in. Our Luxe Collection is designed to provide all the joy and relaxation of an expensive spa at an inexpensive price. I get it! COVID's got you sheltering in place and you have given in to being a glorified couch potato. Girl, me too! It takes so much out of you to wake up just before your next Zoom meeting only to put your hair in a bun and work from the couch. While we can't get out and enjoy the simple pleasures of life as we once did, it does not stop us from treating ourselves to a little self care. In fact, times like these call for self care, Self Care and more SELF CARE!
You know the feeling: beautiful, confident, sexy.
Your over the counter skincare doesn't do that, I promise! But when women want to feel empowered, they look for LUXE.

The LUXE Collection